A full day christian private tour in Athens and Corinth

A full day christian private tour in Athens and Corinth


Athens was one of the main destinations of the apostle Paul for his great missionary work.

He visited Athens in 48 AC.

Your half day private tour will start with the Acropolis site, a complex of buildings that includes the Parthenon (main temple), Erectheion (the temple with the 6 female figurers, Karyatides), Temple of Athena Nike (Wingless Godess), Propylaia (the monumental Gate), Odeon of Herodus Atticus, Dionysus theater and finally the Mars Hill or Areios Pagos (the first ancient court and the place that St. Paul preached the Christianity for the fist time in Athens)

Our next stop will be the memorial of the Unknown soldier and the changing of the Guards (Euzones) in front of the Greek Parliament, opposite the Syntagma or Constitutional square.

We will also drive through Plaka (the oldest neighborhood in Athens) and Monastiraki (Flea Market). Next to it is the Ancient Greek Agora, the meeting place of Apostle Paul . Ηe had to be there, where all the great philosophers and important men were, in order to discuss the new religion than one and true God. Τhis was where everything were being thought.

After that let's see the Trilogy of Athens (the Academy of Science, the First University of Athens and the National Greek Library) and drive towards the Peloponnese to reach the Corinth Canal. Time for rest and a great oportunity for some pictures.

Leaving the Isthmos and driving to the ancient Corinth, where St. Paul lived for almost two years making a very important misionary work. There you will visit the archaelogical site and musreum, plus the church that has the 1st Letter to the Corithians written in four languages, Greek, Arabic, French and English.

The square there is a perfect place for a quick lunch . After that, your private tour ends returning back to Athens on the afternoon.

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Greek Tourist  Organization License (ΜΗ.Τ.Ε.) :  0208E7000058001

 Greek Tourist  Organization
 License (ΜΗ.Τ.Ε.) :  0208E7000058001


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